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René Mouris is a French affordable luxury watch brand with a heritage steeped in history, travel, romance and chance encounters.

Mr. René Javier Mouris was trained in the art of watchmaking in Switzerland during the 1960s, a time when innovation and experimentation was pushing the boundaries of mechanical timekeeping further than ever before.

In 1975, Mr. Mouris started sketching out his ideas, and so began what would become an impressive archive of horological designs.

Mr. Mouris never turned any of his sketches into real timepieces, and his dreams of creating his own timepieces lay dormant until one snowy night in Besançon, France, in 2007. That evening Mr. Mouris happened to get talking to entrepreneur who became captivated by his passion for horology and agreed to take custody of Mr. Mouris drawings, promising the watchmaker he would make his dreams become a reality.

Later the René Mouris watch brand launched with a selection of classically good-looking timepieces, luxuriously executed and driven by precision movements, based on Mr Mouris original drafts.

Based in Paris and now also with offices in Portugal, Dubai and Hong Kong, René Mouris has remained loyal to the original drafts, premium components and manufacturing, precision timekeeping and distinctive designs, all at affordable prices. It has a broad range of dress and sports watches for both men and women, with design inspirations that range from the historical voyages of Christopher Colombus to the fleeting beauty of butterflies and the adrenaline-fuelled excitement of motorsports. Each watch collection's concept is based on Mr Mouris' very first drawings as to respect the original ideas.

These stylish watches are great value for money, and René Mouris’ claims of superior manufacturing are backed up by a two (2) year limited warranty.

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