Reward Policy

The Reward Points Program allows you to earn points for certain actions you take on our site. Points are awarded based on making purchases and customer actions such as sending an invitation to your friends or sharing your purchase on your Facebook.

Benefits of Reward Points for Registered Customers

Once you register you will be able to earn and accrue reward points, which are then redeemable at the time of purchase towards the cost of your order. Rewards are an added bonus to your shopping experience on the site and are just one of the ways we thank you for being a loyal customer.



Earning Reward Points

Reward Points can be earned by engaging in the site in different ways. We will add new ways to earn points and communicate the program updates through our site, social media, or a newsletter.

Rewards can currently be earned for the following actions:

· Making purchases — every time you make a purchase you earn 1 point for every $1.00 spent on product purchases (taxes and shipping excluded).

· Registering on the site — Earn 300 points.

· Subscribing to a newsletter for the first time — Earn 100 points.

· Converting Invitations to Order — Earn 500 points for every invitation you send out which leads to a sale.

· Converting Invitations to Order — Earn 100 points for the first purchase via an invitation from your friend.



Redeeming Reward Points

You can redeem your reward points at checkout towards your new purchase. If you have accumulated enough points to redeem them you will have the option of using points as one of the payment methods. The option to use reward points, as well as your balance and the monetary equivalent of this balance, will be shown to you in the Payment Method area of the checkout. Redeemable reward points can be used in conjunction with other payment methods such as credit cards or others.

100 points equal $1.00. You will be able to apply your reward points against your purchase when you are checking out.

Note: To spend your points, you must be on the full Shopping Cart page, which you can get to by clicking Edit Cart from the dropdown mini-cart, or by clicking Edit Your Cart if you have proceeded further in checkout. Once on the Shopping Cart page, there are drop-down menu items to the right under the title Cart Summary (in desktop view), or below the products (in mobile view). Click on Spend Your Points to see how many points you have earned, and to use the points you want to spend on your current order. If you need any help, watch the video “How-to Video”.




Reward Points Minimums and Maximums

Reward points may be capped at a minimum value required for redemption. If this option is selected, you will not be able to use your reward points until you accrue a minimum number of points, at which they will become available for redemption.

Reward points may also be capped at the maximum value of points that can be accrued. If this option is selected you will need to redeem your accrued points before you can earn more points.




Managing My Reward Points

You can view and manage your points through your Customer Account. From your account you will be able to view your total points (and currency equivalent), minimum needed to redeem, whether you have reached the maximum points limit and a cumulative history of points acquired, redeemed, and lost. The history record will retain and display historical rates and currency for informational purposes. The history will also show you comprehensive informational messages regarding points, including expiration notifications.




Reward Points Expiration

Reward points can be set to expire. Points will expire in one year which they were first earned.

Note: You can sign up to receive email notifications each time your balance changes when you either earn, redeem or lose points, as well as point expiration notifications. This option is found in the Reward Points section of the My Account area.





· To earn reward points, you must be logged into your account. There is a notice at checkout that informs you that you are not logged in. You will have the opportunity at that time to log in to your account.

· Reward Points will expire one year after earning them.

· Reward Points are deposited once the order has shipped. If you cancel your order, the reward points will be removed.

· Reward Points are applied after coupons and other promotional discounts.

· Reward Points will be lost or account will be suspended if the program is abused.




In case of any queries related to Rewards, feel free to contact us!