Get to Know the Luxury Watch on your Wrist

Get to Know the Luxury Watch on your Wrist

The knowledge related to luxury watches is an additional asset for the ones who know the worth of having a timepiece. A watch is that prestigious gem that is transferred over generations as an heirloom while keeping up with the traditional values. What if we also promote the knowledge related to these watches as well? We have gathered some information that will get you familiar with your luxury watch much more than ever. Let us elucidate the terminologies that go with the innumerable of watch features. Understanding these elements will strengthen your relation with your timepiece and you will be having an idea about what are you buying or wearing on your wrist. A watch is that power dose that adds up to the grace while making an exquisite match with your outfits. Discover the watch glossary and everything you need to know!

Your Watch is Prestigious – Here is why!

Everyone who owns a watch, has got an emotional connection with it. Having said that means your watch will be most prestigious jewel for you even if someone has a similar one with them. Although we can analyze the worth of a watch with the mechanism based on it has been manufactured. However, this is interesting that a timepiece has got something that builds a heart-to heart connection with it.

It is significant to know that a watch is made up of various miniscule components that are joined to work in chemistry for an accurate time-telling. Each component has a specific function that makes a watch work properly. Even one goes out of order, the whole system will be malfunctioned thus, resulting in wrong time-telling or the watch might get stop.

Let’s find out about these components and enhance the knowledge related to luxury watches!

Apertur – It is that small opening you can see in the dial that shows date, day, and month.

Watch Band – A strap or that bracelet that wraps a watch around your wrist designed in different styles and materials.

Bezel – It is that part of a watch that keeps the glass face secure on the dial. It is shaped like a ring made into different materials like metals, gold, or stainless steel.

Case – It is the metallic container that serves to protect the movement of watch. Its gleaming appearance makes a watch look lustrous and classy. These cases are designed in different shapes to enhance creativity.

Caseback – The rear side of a watch that comes directly in touch with the skin. In some of the luxury watches, these casebacks are transparent and crystalline to allow a view into the functioning of a watch machinery.

Chronograph – Chronograph is that feature of a watch with which one can start or stop the time. It mostly works like are stop-watch.

Crown – A noticeable button on the side of a dial that can be used to set the time. When pulled out, it can be used for setting watch calendar too. Moreover, it makes a luxury watch more water resistant and keeps it protected from the dust.

Crystal – Crystal is that glass covering that protects the watch dial face. It is made up of glass, plastic or sapphire.

Explore these types in the following:

  • Mineral Crystals – This type of crystal is stiffened after heating that makes it approximately 10-times harder than that of a plastic. Moreover, the best thing about mineral crystal is that it is scratch resistant.
  • Plastic Crystals – Plastic crystals are soft and flexible. They can resist impacts up to a certain level. The scratches it will bear can be buffed out. However, plastic crystals are not used in any of the watches.
  • Sapphire Crystals – Sapphire crystals are super strong and stiffer than that of mineral crystals. These crystals are scratch-proof and are the second toughest mineral after diamonds. All of the luxury watches use it to cover the dial for the best results.


Dial – A dial is that main plate, designed with a metallic base and a crystal to show time. The hour-markers, date window and watch hands are carved on to this plate.

Gold Plating – It is a deposited gold layer that is measured in microns for its thickness. Any stamps or impressions in a watch are all made up of gold plating.

Hand – The hands of watch hands are the sleek strips centered in a dial to rotate as per the movement of the watch machinery and indicate time while moving across the hour-markers. Usually, watches have three hands indicating hours, minutes, and seconds.

Horology – Horology is the field of science that deal with time-measurement.

Hour Markers – The numerals on the dial that are carved into different styles like Arabic numerals, Roman numerals, and sometimes even symbols to tell the time in hours.

Lugs – Lugs are the supports on the two sides of a dial that are used to attach watch straps or metallic bands. These straps are fixed with the help of spring bar between these lugs.

Luminescence – You might have come across those watches in which there is a glow on the hour-markers and watch hands that make time-keeping easier even in the dark. The material used to make it glow is known as luminescent material.

Movement – the system and mechanism on which the machinery of a watch functions is known as watch movement or caliber.

PVD – PVD stands for Physical Vapor Deposition. It is a thin coating that is applied to a watch case to enhance color aesthetics of a timepiece. It is an additional and time-taking process for which the watches made up of gold or in black finish are marked as more expensive options.

Tongue – A tongue, or tang, is that movable metallic piece fixed to the buckle for penetration to wrap the leather strap around the wrist.

Water Resistance – It is that ability of a watch that makes it endure water splashes up to a certain extent depending on its resistance strength. Some of the water resistant watches can even withstand 100 M atmospheric pressure under water.

Screw Back – A thread like part attached on the back of the case that is used to screw it into the case.

Small Seconds Dial – Some of the luxury watches have a subsidiary dial to display seconds. It is smaller in size and mostly found in the central part of the dial.

Sub-dial – It is a small dial adjusted inside the main dial with information for seconds, days, date, and even for dual time zone.

We hope that this glossary and information related to a luxury watch is going to serve the purpose well as a guide specifically for those who are new to wear it. You can explore through the classy range of watches featured by Rene Mouris that is manufacturing quality in reasonable prices to stand out as one of the top choices in the watch industry.

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