Luxury Watches & Fashion Accessories That You Should Add To Your New Year Collection

Fashion Accessories That You Should Add To Your Collection in New Year

Fashion is the style of living life in your own way. According to a saying, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” So, if you consider it a tough journey, make it comfortable by adding colors to your life in an attractive manner. Be the trend-setter and make people follow you. This is possible only with a thorough working on what is latest in the fashion and which thing is going to suit you the best. Whatever you choose to wear, know that a dress is incomplete without fashion accessories. As the New Year is approaching and we have to define some new resolutions for this new beginning, so why not start with the appearance. Let us groom your with some lavish range of fashion accessories that augment your elegance in whatever you pick to wear. We have sorted out a list of fashion accessories and luxury watches that are going to make men & women both stand out on every occasion.

New Year – New Fashion Accessories to Add!

The New Year marks a new beginning; new people to meet, new adventures to enjoy, new memories to create, and new fashion accessories to try, make it worth it!

Check out this most-demanded list of accessories that are good to go for men and women with every outfit in formal as well as casual looks.

  • Handbags

For all the stylish ladies, the first and the must fashion accessory to have in your wardrobe is a chic handbag. If you are more into carrying color matching things with your dress, then buy a range of medium or small sized bags in your required shades. Moreover, if you are convenient with contrasting, then we would suggest you to save your budget and have the neutral colors like black, brown, grey, off-white, beige, and blue in your collection. While choosing a dress to wear, think of which of these colors are going to suit the best with your attire and there you go!

  • Sunglasses

Another important accessory for men and women both is having a pair of sunglasses. Whenever you wear it, which literally makes a difference. People always perceive an impression of individuals wearing sunglasses as a man or woman of style and elegance. There is a wide variety of cool sunglasses available in the market with different shapes and shades. All of these are categorized in different price ranges as per the quality and durability. Make the choice of such a pair that is going to stay for long term with you to serve the purpose well.

  • Luxury Watches

On the top of the list, we have luxury watches in fashion accessories because a watch is much more than merely a time-keeping device. While it assists you in keeping a check on what is the time of the day you are living through, it also sets a class apart with an opulent look that is considered to be with the men and women of class. You must be thinking about how to plan a budget for these luxury watches. The good news is, there are some brands that are hallmarking excellence while delivering premium quality in controlled prices. Rene Mouris is such a French luxury watch brand that aims to make a luxury watch easy to afford for every enthusiast. So, do check the collections and we know that you will not be returning without placing order.

The best and high on demand watches by Rene Mouris include:

  • Mythique Le Monde
  • Corona Watches
  • Cygnus Watches
  • Dream I Watches
  • Coeur D’Amour
  • L’Emporter Watches
  • Belts & Ties

In men’s dressing, the most important part is a belt and a tie that enhances the personality in a classic manner. Men are quite picky when it comes to buying these fashion accessories as it is going to impact the overall appearance. The glossier a belt is, the greater a person will get noticed. Similarly, a tie with aesthetic blend of colors and design will bring out a debonair person in you while making you earn great appreciation. Different styles of these belts and ties are available in the market, all in different price ranges. Spend wisely while making the purchase as a good quality belt and tie is going to serve the purpose best.

  • Rings

Rings always give out pleasant vibes. The shine of the ring instantly grabs attention and the creative design make it a jewel that is high on demand. It is for men and women both to choose the rings that are good to make your hands worthy to be held in style. Rings add the element of preciousness and so, it turns out as a heart-winning accessory. In men’s collection, we mostly observe minimalist designs yet accommodated in bold frames. For women, rings are manufactured with an intricacy that complements their hands exquisitely. It is also a must-have in your collection for the New Year.

We hope that this list will serve a great deal for men and women both who have been working on their New Year resolutions for styling up. We bet you these accessories are going to turn on your fashion game with a well-desired appeal. For classy luxury watches, do explore Rene Mouris range as these are the most reasonable watches to serve the enthusiasts with supreme quality.

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  1. Guillermo

    Wonderful suggestions! I was just working on my styling agenda for the New Year and here I got some classy ideas from Rene Mouris. Thanks and appreciated.

  2. Riggs Rose

    Luxury watches are all-time favorite fashion accessory as I know how these timepieces make a difference. Rene Mouris has got a classy range and I have been wearing it for a month now. Thanks for exceptional quality.

  3. Bobby

    Rings are superb! A reflection of style and class in a simple jewel. I always wear in all designs in each of my fingers. Luckily, my husband is also fond of wearing rings and he has got in silver that looks awesome.

  4. Trenton

    I think I have the widest collection of handbags in every color in my wardrobe. I love to match and it is my style statement now that gets me recognize for carrying the same color bag according to the dress I wear

  5. Grey Wilson

    Watches are always classy. I love wearing them and have gifted my friends as well. I didn’t know about Rene Mouris before. Just explored the website and loved every product. Will be purchasing soon.

  6. Maison Randy

    Oh yes! Sunglasses look so cool. I have got a range in different shades and frames that always gains appreciation. Thanks to Rene Mouris for bringing these amazing style resolution suggestions

  7. Kristopher Jaxen

    I gifted my husband a belt and tie recently and these are real fashion accessories to make a significant difference. He dressed up in an elegant shirt and match these with the dress. Literally, these are must-haves for men!

  8. Dane Jaxxon

    Luxury watches by Rene Mouris are worthy to be purchased. I have it for a year now and having a perfect experience. It is the best fashion accessory for men and women both!

  9. Pierce Nova

    Thank you for these suggestions. Really appreciate the effort of Rene Mouris in keeping us informed with the useful information.

  10. Atlas Jamir

    Life without fashion accessories is like a dessert without sugar. So, I am definitely going to add these items in style resolution so that in this way, I can add some sugar to my new beginning of the New Year. Bravo Rene Mouris!

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