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Valentine’s Day Luxury Watches Gift Guide – Which One to Choose?

Valentine's Day Luxury Watches Gift Guide - Which One to Choose

Valentine’s Day is all about sharing the love in a way that makes it a day to remember. Although the couples consider every new day a Valentine’s Day, however, this 14th February has been made an international celebration as the day of the loved ones. The couples hang out together, wear stylish attires, enjoy watching movie in cinemas, have a dinner, and exchange gifts. It is just a time around the clock to add up maximum to your special memories. When it comes to choosing the right kind of gift, the first thing that couples consider is that it must be precious enough to win the heart. Well, we can suggest various ideas for such gifts, but the most significant present that is good to convey your sincerest emotions from the core of the heart is a luxury wristwatch. Here we have got some suggestions about what you should look for while purchasing a luxury watch as Valentine’s Day gift.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – What to Look for While Buying a Luxury Watch?

To make it convenient for you, here we have elaborated about how you should choose a watch that is likely to rule over your loved one’s heart. Take a look!

  • Watch Brand

Don’t call it being a brand conscious! A watch is reliable if it belongs to the family of a well-reputed brand. The quality, design, durability and the tempting appeal of a watch, this is all that a top-notch brand can deliver. Opt for the brand that is concerned with the quality of the product. Choose the one that looks promising to be a companion for life to the wearer. So, if you call it being brand conscious, we would suggest you here to be a little as it will save you from any regret in the end.

  • Style and Creativity!

Though it is directly related to a wearer’s personal choice, however, if you know the person well and keep a check on how he/she dresses up, it will let you have an idea of their choice. For instance, if you find a sports watch more appealing to present as a gift and the receiver is more into wearing formal things, your gift choice will go wrong here. So, before you place an order or select a watch to buy, think of the taste of the person you are buying the gift for. Get a watch that holds least chances of not coming in correspondence with the choice of the receiver. You can also look for Rene Mouris couple watches while planning to make it a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

  • Watch Movement

Another important factor that is mostly ignored while buying a luxury watch as a Valentine’s Day gift is to check the mechanism on which a watch works. There are three types of movements on which a timepiece is mechanized. These movements or calibers include automatic, quartz, and quartz chronograph watches. Some people like to stay out of any complications. So they can have automatic watches that are mostly crafted aesthetically into minimalist designs. The working of an automatic watch doesn’t need one to have a deep understanding as it works with the movement of the wearer’s hand. Quartz watch carries a mechanism that uses a battery and a crystal to function for an accurate time-telling. The third type is quartz chronograph watch that is exclusively designed while merging the elements of a quartz watch in a chronograph watch. A chronograph watch works on the system of a stopwatch and carries sub-dials to enhance the watch function. When it merges with quartz technology, the complications of a chronograph watch get into balance thus making it an exciting experience for the wearer. So, you can better make a choice if you know about the nature of a person. Prioritize the convenience and choose the watch movement while buying it as a gift.

  • Quality of the Material Used

As a timepiece is something that one carries on the wrist in routine, so it is better to take a closer look to the materials used in watch making. First, have a look at its dial and the metal used for it. Mostly, it is a premium quality stainless steel that is used to make the dial of a high-end watch. Stainless steel is reliable to use and can endure environmental changes at the maximum level while maintaining its novelty. Next, you need to check the quality of a watch strap. Different watches carry different watch straps made into materials like genuine leather, stainless steel, NATO straps, silicone bands and many other types. It mainly depends on the wearer’s choice to opt for a right kind of watch strap. Some people like to go with humble looks and opt for genuine leather that is durable as well. Others go with the idea of shining bright with a stainless steel band that retains its newness for good long time. So, it is better to choose the one that can serve the purpose well for long term.

So, this guide is going to assist you in choosing the right kind of luxury watch as Valentine’s Day gift. We would recommend you to explore through Rene Mouris watches as they have got the classiest range in reasonable prices. Make this Valentine’s Day even more special for your loved ones!

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  1. Cameron Ezekiel

    Gifts always fascinate me and when it comes to Valentine’s Day, I anxiously wait for a special thing to come my way. Thanks to my boyfriend who always makes it special. I am wondering if he can give me Rene Mouris watch this year?

  2. Colton Luca

    I have a never ending love for watches. Despite having a great collection of watches, I still look forward to my husband to present me with a classy watch this Valentine’s Day.

  3. Landon Hunter

    I have been wearing Rene Mouris watches for a year now. Love its quality, designs and durability that makes it stand out. Moreover, all of the watches are reasonable in prices. Strongly recommended to everyone who has been looking for buying a watch as a Valentine’s Day gift.

  4. Jonathan Santiago

    My boyfriend gifted me a differently designed classy watch from Rene Mouris last year on Valentine’s Day. At first, I was doubtful of its quality but now I am enjoying this experience. Thanks to Rene Mouris and my loving boyfriend.

  5. Axel

    I have always preferred to gift a watch to my wife and she loves it in the same way as I expect. Thanks for this guideline and I will keep it in mind this time while purchasing a watch.

  6. Easton

    The most amazing choice ever! There is no other item that is as precious as that of a wristwatch. I would recommend Rene Mouris brand for its classy and affordable watches.

  7. Cooper Jeremiah

    Gifted by fiancée a wristwatch this last year and now I want one from Rene Mouris this year. Let’s hope if he gets the idea of doing so. Thanks to Rene Mouris!

  8. Angel

    This is a comprehensive and easy to understand guide. Thank you Rene Mouris. Would love to buy a watch for my husband this Valentine’s Day.

  9. Roman Connor

    Perfect idea! I was stuck with the thought of what to buy as a Valentine’s Day gift for my girlfriend and Rene Mouris has ease down everything. Thanks for suggesting!

  10. Jameson

    I have placed order for Mythique Le Monde watch for my husband and I know it is going to make him feel like up in the heaven. Excited to see his reaction on Valentine’s Day.

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