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2024’s Most Extravagant Luxury Watches

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2024’s Most Extravagant Luxury Watches

When it comes to the new beginnings with the New Year, why stick with the same old style statement. Extravagant luxury watches are just one way to revitalize your fashion goals and make a bold statement for the year ahead.

However, from changing the style of wearing clothes to choosing the elegant footwear. And fashion accessories to makeovers, everything needs a focus when you want to carry different looks. So, why not add some spark this New Year with quality extravagant luxury watches? We have got affordable suggestions for you from Rene Mouris range that will sit well with your taste.

Extravagant Luxury Watches for New Year!

Let the year start have some spark with some of the classiest options that are perfect to complement your wrist for every occasion. Take a look on these luxury watches!

Mythique Le Monde

Mythique Le Monde has inherited the eccentric design, bold roman numerals. and aesthetic brilliance of the lattice girder of the great Eiffel Tower that symbolizes the cityscape of Paris. The watch possesses an ornamented semi-skeleton design that augments the sophistication of the luxury watch in every aspect.

This classic version of Mythique luxury watches is going to win the wrist with such a charismatic appeal that highlights uniqueness in its bezel design. As it resembles the hexagon contour of France border, the bulged ring on the bezel is crafted in dual layers with six pieces of mannish screws turning it into an artistic masterpiece.

To elevate the timekeeping experience even more fascinating for the wearers, an exhibition case back has been added to make one have a closer look at the mechanical working of a watch.

Coeur D’Amour

Coeur D’Amour blends the perfection fostered in creativity and love that makes way direct to women’s hearts. It is such a jewel that instantly grabs everyone’s attention as the watchmakers have enhanced this timepiece with all the elements of uniqueness.

Secondly the heart-shaped overlaying frame and that tinted inner surface of the dial leaves the wearer spellbound for its aesthetic grace. Rene Mouris luxury watches are a perfect choice as it won’t be turning out as a regret.

Coeur D’Amour’s collection for women has a fancy touch and an elegance that is incomparable in all aspects. The watch is of quartz caliber and functions efficiently in time-telling. When it is about making a style statement, go with this watch as it is going to create your unforgettable impression.


Cygnus defines the ultimate class as it glimmers with a panache that marks sophistication of the wearer. Rene Mouris has ensured to augment the elements of exclusivity in this classy watch with minor details that add up to the overall grace.

This watch carries all the contemporary and traditional elements in combination that makes it a perfect choice to gain the status of an heirloom that will pass over the generations while maintaining its novelty throughout.

Taking a deep look into its features, this timepiece comes with a match of leather and stainless steel band making it an elegant to wear gem for every occasion. Cygnus watch has a dial with a 24-hour sub-dial and a date window that marks its brilliance in creativity.

Dream I

Dream I quartz chronograph watch by Rene Mouris is the most elegant choice for women to wear on every occasion. The stylish dial and stainless steel band of this timepiece display class of the art.

The watch has been brilliantly crafted from the highest-grade stainless steel and the bezel is ornamented with a classic ceramic ring. Its mother-of-pearl sub-dials enhance the overall appearance of the watch making it a perfect choice for ladies.

You can wear it in routine and with all sorts of outfits as per your choice. The glam it possesses makes it look more fascinating to wear type of a jewel. For the women watch enthusiasts who always dream to lead the fashion in their own way, this watch is going to make a real difference.

While the New Year is bringing new opportunities to bring a significant change to life, enter this door with a glam that is going to mark your win at every step.

These exquisite luxury watches are going to serve the purpose well in letting you stand with your style statement and to accurate timekeeping experience.


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  1. Mickel[ Post Author ]

    Perfect range of luxury watches. Thanks to Rene Mouris for making sure to see the interests of enthusiasts and making them affordable to have.

  2. Hemaded

    My Cygnus watch is absolutely fantastic and so accurate in time-telling. The material used to make it seems to be of superb quality and it is best to wear for every event.

  3. Baloyi

    My mother loves to have luxury watches and she has got a wide range in her collection. I thought of adding up one by purchasing Coeur D’Amour watch and she is so excited about it. I would recommend everyone to get one booked for amazing experience.

  4. Dopoxi

    All of the watches by Rene Mouris are brilliant. True fan of their products and it’s an amazing experience. Thanks to Rene Mouris!

  5. Videkix

    Genuine leather and artistic appearance of the dial that I have received from Rene Mouris Mythique Le Monde watch. Happiest to see that I have spent on the right thing

  6. Nohemaj

    I was willing to have a luxury watch since long but couldn’t make it as every time I planned to buy it, the price hike changed my mind. Now I came across Rene Mouris luxury watches collection and guess what? All of these are up to my choice as well as budget. Received my order for Mythique Le Monde watch yesterday and it was worth spending on. Thanks to Rene Mouris.

  7. Kafajem

    Love it for all the good reasons! Simply stunning New Year gift I have ever received. My brother surprised me with a classy watch from Rene Mouris’s Dream I collection. I am so happy!

  8. Mewekap

    My classy Cygnus watch from Rene Mouris has made me fall in love the design and quality. Above all, it is pocket friendly and that was the reason of opting this watch. Thanks for amazing products.

  9. Tixibim

    Perfect dial, quality of leather strap and the brilliance I have seen in the luxury watches of Rene Mouris. Got one last week from Cygnus collection and it is worth-spending on sort of a watch!

  10. Fixeb

    Wonderful watches. Just visited your website and surprised to learn that prices are so reasonable. I have instantly placed an order for Dream I watch and anxiously to wear it on the wrist!

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