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5 Best Rene Mouris Luxury Watches that are Suitable to Wear for Father’s Day

5 Best Rene Mouris Luxury Watches that are Suitable to Wear for Father’s Day

Luxury watches are the jewels and the assets that define the exclusivity of a man of class. Dressing up with elegance demands different things to consider. So the most important thing is to glam up with some lavish fashion accessories. A classy wristwatch should be at the top of the list.

Luxury Watches for men | Father's Day Deal

Though there is a large variety of luxury watches available in the market that are designed into alluring appearances and colors that win over the heart, however, not every watch is easy to buy or good to go as a companion for lifetime.


There are various brands that have been striving to bring perfection to the wrists of watch enthusiasts. Notably, some brands are relatively new in the industry; even then, they are excelling with every passing day. Consequently, these newcomers are leaving people enchanted with their timepieces.

Such a brand is Rene Mouris that has changed the perspective of premium quality luxury watches with an amazing price control. Let’s have a look at the list of some Rene Mouris watches that are suitable to wear Father’s Day!

Rene Mouris Luxury Watches that are Suitable to Wear Father’s Day

Find out the classiest of the Rene Mouris range that you can choose to wear on every occasion Father’s Day:

  1. Executive Luxury  Watches

When it comes to set new trends, it doesn’t mean one should go with an extravagant watch to be on the front line in style. The grace that minimalist products carry is incomparable and go best with the contemporary choices. Rene Mouris’s Executive collection is such a classy watch that identifies and translates sophistication in the right way.

This watch is best to wear on every occasion depending on the choice of your dress as per the occasion. The patterned leather strap has made the dial prominent for its elegance. In addition, a date window at 12 o’clock enhances its charm while combining with the base of the dial.

  1. Orion Luxury Watches

Orion watches indulge one in the grace of its alluring dial that is sure-shot to mark excellence for its features. It seems that this design of a luxury watch is confident to be in the favorites of watch enthusiasts.

Orion automatic collection carries a spectacular appeal that fills up the space left in keeping up with the elements of fashion in a personality. Its dial flaunts a panache to make it an ultimate pick for watch enthusiasts.

The outline of the dial and a strip running from 3 to 9 o’clock prettifies the watch as a top-notch product. There is a logo etched on a corner that instantly grips attention for its exclusivity. Orion watches come with a combination of leather straps or stainless steel bands.

  1. Corona  Watches

A trend-setting jewel luxury watches are the one that is different from other already available products in the market. The watchmakers at Rene Mouris have invested their efforts in bringing two contrasting things together in one watch. Corona watch is an aesthetic blend of a sports as well as a dress watch.

It is the creative excellence of the watchmakers that they could achieve it to bring these looks together in a masterpiece. This innovative combination activates the fashion game in a way that makes it a precious jewel to carry with both formal and casual looks.

The straps are available in genuine leather and stainless steel, enhancing the captivating appearance of the dial. The Corona collection features a semi-skeleton dial with a small sub-second dial, an exciting see-through case back, and a 24-hour sub-dial.

Its bezel is also artistically brought to life with a stylish pattern for every watch in different shades making it one of the best timepieces from Rene Mouris luxury watches range.

  1. Cygnus Watches

Another example of  trendy watches  by Rene Mouris is Cygnus Watch. This automatic collection flaunts the hallmarks emerging from true craftsmanship to bring an innovation.

The most special thing about this watch is that it is lavish yet minimalist in design. This equilibrium has lifted it as an outclass watch to set the wrists in style.

Cygnus trendy watches carry a finest quality leather strap as well as a stainless steel band for an opulent look. The dial carries a 24-hour sub-dial that enhances the glamour of the watch.

Besides, these trendy watches also include a date window adding up to the value of the watch.

  1. L’Emporter Timepieces 

Aesthetic wisdom is a talent that, indeed, fills up anything with life. For instance, it can transform ordinary objects into captivating pieces of art.

Moreover, it has the power to evoke emotions and inspire creativity. Consequently, anything touched by aesthetic wisdom becomes vibrant and full of energy.

Rene Mouris have carefully crafted this watch with the idea to make it worthy to wear for men and women both. Its simplicity and lavishness steals the heart of the wearer in the first glimpse.

As Well as Rene Mouris  watch is best to wear with formal as well as casual outfits. It depends on how the wearer carries it as per the occasion.

The watch has been powered by Swiss movement with a stainless steel round case taking it to the next level. The most breathtaking stunning thing about this watch is its mesh band that no other watch carries. You can also have it with a genuine leather and NATO strap.


So, these are some of the most exquisite and elegant luxury watches that should be considered to wear Father’s Day.

Moreover, the best thing is that all of these timepieces are reasonable in price and premium in quality. They are designed to be your lifelong companion, to be passed down to the next generations as an heirloom

To explore more, visit the Rene Mouris official website!



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