5 stylish watches to flaunt with casual outfits

5 stylish watches to flaunt with casual outfits

Watches enhance your personality by adding up to the grace of the look you carry on different occasions. It is the game of mind and creativity to make you analyze which match is best to carry depending on the place or gathering you are going to be a part of. Sometimes, we ignore paying attention to the fashion accessories we opt to wear with different outfits and it has a strong impact on our overall style statement. However, if you are keen to maintain your personality in all aspects, it will be something on the top of the list to match everything as per your outfit. Wearing casual outfits is not less than a treat as it lets one stay easy-breezy. However, casual doesn’t mean discarding everything that keeps you up to fashion. A wristwatch is a prominent fashion accessory that can take your personality to the next level even if you are carrying a casual look.

Here we have got some of the stylish watches to flaunt with casual wear.

  1. Ambassador Collection

As its name says, Ambassador Collection is all about something outclass in terms of design and quality of the material. Well, it needs a certain amount of courage to name a watch as Ambassador but it has been done because the watch depicts the noble heritage. To capture the true spirit of craftsmanship in horology, Rene Mouris has presented this timepiece range defining French nobility. The luminous dials and perfectly matching leather straps flaunt exquisiteness by all means. Ambassador quartz watches have a small second sub-dial with a comparatively big date window. As for the leather strap, it is finely patterned and highly finished to add grace to the watch dial. You can confidently wear it with casual outfits while grabbing everyone’s attention for the gem on your wrist.

  1. Corona Collection

The Corona Collection by Rene Mouris has something beyond excellence in all aspects that instantly finds a place in the wearer’s heart. The way it has been indulged into perfect as per the design and the glimmering grace of its dial, that makes it a masterpiece in the range. The leather strap has been designed in a pattern that enhances the look of the watch dial. This strap is available in different colors matching with the finish of the dial. With a subtle semi-skeleton dial, Corona Automatic watches ensure to let you have debonair looks.

  1. Cygnus Collection

Cygnus automatic collection speaks all about class and exhibits a classic leather strap and 24-hour sub-dial. These watches also include a date window adding up to the value of the watch. The lining pattern on the dial background has made it an even better-sophisticated choice for the ones who love to wear a watch in routine but are conscious to maintain stylish looks. Its leather strap has made it something perfect to carry with casual outfits. The bold design of its bezel has made it remarkable in choice when it comes to buying a luxury watch in reasonable prices.

  1. Executive Collection

Rene Mouris’s Executive quartz collection is contemporary and has a minimalist interpretation of a timeless design. This watch identifies the real meaning of sophistication and modernity. The watch is perfect to wear with casual outfits on every occasion. Its design is something that catches our glance and the element of simplicity merged with luxuriousness has made it one of the finest watches. The patterned leather strap has made the dial prominent for its elegance. Moreover, there is a date window at 12 o’clock that enhances its overall look while making it one of the best stylish watches to wear with casual outfits.

  1. Orion Collection

With a classic blend of traditional design and modernity, Rene Mouris`s Orion Automatic Collection is something you have never seen before. Its dial is decent yet chic in appearance that makes it perfect to wear with casual outfits. The sleek outline of the dial and contrasting dial with a strip running from 3 to 9 o’clock with a logo etched on a corner has a delicacy that no other watch in the collection possesses. With a fine combination of leather strap or stainless steel band, this timepiece emerges as an ultimate class of art.

So, these are some of the most stylish watches that you can carry with casual outfits while setting new trends in luxurious fashion accessories.

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  1. INDIE

    I had my first watch from Rene Mouris from its Ambassador collection that has served me with excellence on every occasion. Usually I wear casual and it is a perfect match with such outfits. Happy customer!


    Life is much more beyond formal looks and Rene Mouris has acknowledged it with this exclusive watches range. I am in love with its Corona Collection as it is something I had been looking for so long. Thanks to Rene Mouris and its super-talented team of watchmakers.

  3. biPRIM_2ROSE

    Like it! The write up has got everything making it good to know for the readers about what we can wear with casual outfits. Great job! Will be placing my order soon!

  4. BeLi Chriss

    Sophisticated range of leather strap watches, just like the way I love! Well, my favorite among these watches is Executive one as it is more of a blend of casual and formal luxury watch. Thanks Rene Mouris for such an exquisite collection.

  5. Cham Rose

    The dial of all of these watches are lustrous and classy that are going to maintain their newness for long. Already placed my order for Ambassador Watch. I hope product would be same as shown in the picture. Well explained write-up!

  6. EFFIE

    I received my Cygnus Watch last week and guess what? It is absolutely perfect. This is the first time that whatever has been claimed in the write-up is same as the product possesses. Thanks to Rene Mouris for manufacturing high-quality luxury watches and that also in reasonable prices.

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