5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Leather Watch Straps

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Leather Watch Straps

Staying in style is all about confidence and you can do wonders with your personality if you are up to the latest trends. Whether it is about wearing a dress, footwear, jewelry, or a wristwatch, these things together help you in setting your style statement. It’s been said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal” and it is correct in all aspects. The way you dress up and the things you wear to exhibit as your persona is going to make or break your fashion game. So, it needs a lot of care in how and what you are going to carry as per the occasion. Well, there are certain things that never lose their worth no matter how much trends have been changing all the way. The trend of leather straps is never to be nominated as an old-school fashion because it is something that flaunts ultimate class. You can wear it with casual as well as formal outfits as it understands the mood of the wearer and is versatile enough to adapt itself to the nature of one’s dressing. Interesting! Isn’t it? However, some people who are not personally into wearing leather in anything, take it as a part of the old practices in fashion.

Let us fill you up with some information that explains five reasons why you should choose leather watch straps when it comes to wearing luxury watches. Take a look!

  1. Leather straps are versatile

Without any doubt, leather straps are versatile and can be carried on all occasions. Make it a classic match with a shirt and jeans, suit and tie, or even shorts, it will enhance your personality at the best. So, if you are thinking that this is all about the versatility of leather straps, let us take you a little deeper.

The most amazing thing about leather straps is that you can have multiple of them and all those in different shades. Match it with the color of your attire and here you go for the debonair looks. Moreover, leather straps are available in different patterns etched onto their surface make them more precious and creative. The only thing that remains as a thought for you then is what your mood is that day.

If you are one of those watch freaks who love to carry a rugged personality, you have definitely got an extensive choice in terms of the appearance and color of the leather straps. Sporty straps are rough and tough while those of formal watches are sleek and classy.

  1. Quality of leather

Have you ever wondered why leather is considered trustworthy when it comes to buying shoes, furniture, jackets, and handbags? It is an inevitable fact that people suggest and prefer to buy leather products following its durability and the strength of maintaining newness for a good long time. You may observe any change in the shade of the leather stuff but it is never going to leave you disappointed.

When it comes to leather straps, it doesn’t remain up to durability only as people vaunt its glitzy finish that magnifies the overall look of a luxury watch. This opulent shine speaks up for itself and keeps the wearer on the front when the matter is about standing out among others based on style statement.

Furthermore, taking a closer look at a leather strap, you will learn that this material is strong yet flexible that’s an ultimate source of comfort for the watch wearer. You can test it by all means to prove the fact right!

  1. Leather is an ultimate comfort!

As we know that animals are the source of leather so it is natural and takes care of the natural things. It is lithe and runs around the wrist while gripping the luxury watch stronger in a way that brings care in hand for your wrist as well as of the timepiece. With every movement you make while wearing a watch with a leather strap, it will not only leave its grandeur but will also adapt itself to the motion of your arm.

Take a look around the market and you will conclude that there is no other material as much comfortable as leather. With a combination of stainless steel dials and buckles, it grows in its magnificence and keeps the grace intact.

Moreover, it will make you avoid any kind of rash, bruises, or cuts that one can usually expect from other leather watch straps.

  1. Leather strap is classy!

In addition to the technical reasoning, know that you are not going anytime out of fashion while wearing a luxury wristwatch with a gleaming leather strap. It’s been said that “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” The things you choose to wear must be a better expression of how you see it all around the world.

Some people believe in shining bright while others stay humble with their choice and opt for simplicity. Your aim should define that you are confident about what you wear and carry on all occasions. Leather straps are also a safeguard that keeps you self-assured of your style statement while proposing it as the right choice.

If you want to make it a formal look, go with sophisticated designs and shades of leather

straps and if you want something chic and vibrant, opt for the loud shades to define your casual looks.

  1. Reasonable in price!

After exploring through the aforementioned details, it would be cherry on top to talk about the price of the leather straps and guess what? They are really inexpensive. It might be surprising for you to realize that leather straps can actually be affordable. So, if you are short on budget but can’t hold your desire of having a charming luxury watch, the leather strap is going to serve the purpose at its best.

What more to expect? You know that leather is everything about quality material and is not going to make you compromise in any case. So, consider that this is something worthiest to spend on that would never result in any regret.

Another benefit of having leather straps at a reasonable price is that you can have them in different shades and use them as per your attire color. Keep a collection with you so that every time when you try a new strap, it lets you have a feeling of newness!

These are some of the most convincing reasons related to how and why leather watch straps are worthy to be chosen when it comes to luxury watches. Rene Mouris, a French luxury watch brand has a premium quality range of classic leather straps that are going to leave you enchanted at the first glance.

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  1. MAEVE

    What are thoroughly explained write-up! I never regarded leather straps as something precious in luxury watches but after knowing its worth, I am definitely going to add at least one in my collection. Thanks Rene Mouris. I have seen your products as well and loved them all. Going to make a purchase soon.


    Well I knew that leather is comfy to wear and durable too but didn’t consider to wear it much. These qualities must be considered and it is easy to make the choice of a luxury watch with leather band. Great job Rene Mouris.

  3. MABEL

    Though I have a special liking for stainless steel bands in wristwatches however, it seems I have been ignoring leather straps for no reason since long. Placing an order for Mythique watch by Rene Mouris and seems it has got high-quality leather strap

  4. LYRA

    Fantastic! Would be gathering more of leather strap watches now own in different colors. I am quite concerned about matching accessories with the style and color of my dress so this is definitely going to serve the purpose.


    i bought a watch from Rene Mouris last year with a genuine leather strap and it was more like taking a risk in spending on a luxury watch. However, to my surprise, it turned out my best ever experience. Don’t forget to check out their Corona collection

  6. AYLA

    Word to word reality! Thanks Rene Mouris for giving this information because I have always been mocked by my friends for always wearing leather straps in watches. They call it an old fashion but I know its worth. This write-up will do a great deal to answer them well. Keep bringing good quality stuff to our wrists.

  7. ADA

    I don’t know why but my experience has never been good with leather straps. Maybe the reason behind it is that brands don’t take pain to produce quality watch straps. I have now got recommendation from a friend for Rene Mouris and looking forward to have a wonderful experience making me relive in the leather charm.

  8. MILLIEa

    Leather is classy and I always wear everything in this stuff. Durable, maintains newness, can bear every scratch, and sincere more than your loved ones. Do give them a try!


    Yes! I totally agree with all of these reasons and I have been wearing leather watch straps since long. Never I had a bad experience and I have all of my watches still breathing as new in my box. I also purchased Cygnus leather strap watch from Rene Mouris and I must say… wonderful experience!

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