7 Quality Watches to Revamp your Style Statement

7 Quality Watches to Revamp your Style Statement

Wearing a wristwatch defines your personality as it speaks for the taste you have got for the graceful things to carry on different occasions. Although, a watch is a small-sized jewel used to measure time, even then it is considered as a symbol of class that sets one apart. Many countries have been working on bringing innovation to time-telling devices since the time human civilization exists. Some of the brands have dedicated their efforts to this industry and are well-known for setting up standards in manufacturing quality watches. With the passage of time and increasing worth of time-measuring devices,

The price of the watch tends to rise in the same way as the preciousness of time. There is a wide range of elegant watches being accepted and bought across the world for their quality in precision and stylishness. However, some of the brands are taking the lead while striving to reach up to the standards that are being settled by top-notch brands over the years. Rene Mouris is one of the best luxury watch brands that has reached its milestone of excellence in a limited period while bringing forward such timepieces that are lavish in every aspect yet low in cost. Let’s have a look at some of the quality watches that are going to revamp your style statement!

7 Quality Watches

  • Mythique Collection

Have you ever wondered how beautifully the Eiffel Tower has been designed by keeping in mind the element of uniqueness in its every angle?

The simplicity that has been augmented artistically in every cut and curve of this historic monument is absolutely fantastic. Similarly, Rene Mouris has extracted the idiosyncratic design of the Eiffel Tower to enclose it in a luxurious watch by giving its hour markers an aesthetic look of the trusses of the tower. The grace of the dial and the classiness of the material used for its strap makes it an outclass choice. Its semi-skeleton dial is an extraordinary thing about the watch that makes it a seamless jewel to wear on every occasion. Mythique watch is available with a classic combination of leather strap and stainless steel band making the timepiece a must-have for watch freaks.

Rene Mouris has manufactured Dream I Collection with the idea that if you can dream it, you can do it! To make your dreams come true in flaunting something glamorous on the wrist, this watch collection is to fulfill the desires of women in a way like no other watch could make it.

The Dream I quartz chronograph watch has a glitzy dial and stainless steel band that displays the artistic class with a lustrous design like you would have never seen before. Rene Mouris values the ones who believe in making their dreams turn into reality and so these watches are true depiction of making it possible. The watch has been dazzlingly crafted from a high-grade stainless steel and the bezel is decorated with a classic ceramic ring.

  • Orion Collection

The Orion Collection tends to readily hook you with its brilliance as it presents the finest blend of traditional and contemporary design. The famous basketball player Kobe Bryant once said, “Everyone looks at your watch and it represents who you are, your values and your personal style.” So, while you are opting for a luxury watch, keep it in mind that it is that jewel on the wrist which will represent you.

The Orion watch dial has an appearance that combines cordiality and flamboyance in evenness. The gleaming outline of the dial and harmonious strip running from 3 to 9 o’clock with a logo etched on a corner has an excellence that no other watch possesses. With an extravagant band, this timepiece tops as a definitive class of art making it one of the unsurpassed choices among Rene Mouris quality watches.

  • Lola Collection

It’s been said, “For a woman who is slightly anxious in her own presence, a Lola watch has always been a comfort blanket.” Wearing a luxuriously designed watch is like finding your comfort in something that truly defines your personality.

Rene Mouris brings something with an eternal romantic appeal that is perfect to vaunt your exquisiteness. Its elegancies itself an untold love story opening up new chapters of affection to live through the memorable moments of life. The well-adjusted blend of effortlessness and fancy work makes it something manufactured out of true craftsman spirit. This collection is based on the colors silver, gold, and brown with a glimmering bezel having 60 pieces of crystals. The precision in the depiction of creative essence proves how passionately horologists have worked on this watch. Women can wear it on every occasion to stand out in lavishness.

  • Corona Collection

Finding way to adventure is not that easy but when it comes to having a watch with a combination of a sports and dress watch, then it is something much more thrilling. Rene Mouris has deeply worked to bring together the interests of a traditional and a chic watch freak to stand out in creativity.

The premium quality Corona watch is a rare integration of the causal and formal look of a luxury watch has made it emerge as a masterpiece. The straps are available in genuine leather and stainless steel to enhance the alluring appearance of the dial. Corona collection has a semi-skeleton dial having a small sub-second dial and see-through case back with a 24-hour sub-dial. Its bezel is also designed in pattern and that also in different shades making it one of the best timepieces from Rene Mouris luxury watches range.

  • L’Emporter Collection

A well-known German Journalist once said, “Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple.” This quote fits well to the design of Rene Mouris’ L’Emporter watch that has been aesthetically brought to life for efficient time-telling by reducing complications to simplicity in every aspect. The majestic appeal of the dial matching with the mesh band has made it emerge as an outclass jewel to set your wrist in glam. Moreover, it is easy to wear all the time and is also available with nato strap. The brilliance of its design lies in its minimalist breathing dial that is all about making time-telling modest.

  • Executive Collection

Rene Mouris’s Executive Quartz watch has a sleek yet bold dial with a lining pattern etched on the inner surface with classic hour markers makes it an outstanding choice. With a date window at 12 o’clock and a 24-hour sub-dial, the overall look of the watch has been enriched in creative core while carrying along the traditional features. The classic leather strap adds up to its poise and one can make it a perfect match with formal as well as casual wear. This watch also has an uncluttered look with a fine impression of lining at the inner surface that augments the overall daintiness of the watch. Its bold definition of hour-markers make the time-keeping an easy deal for everyone who opts to wear it.

So, these are some of the quality watches by Rene Mouris that are going to revamp your style statement, whenever and wherever you go!

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    Bought a lavishly designed Mythique watch from Rene Mouris. It’s perfect in size, quality, design, price, and great to wear on all occasions. Loving it!

  2. NOVA

    My new automatic watch from Mythique collection by Rene Mouris has won my heart. Its classy cuts and curves have made it something like I never had before. Surprised with the quality of material and reasonable price. Strongly recommended!

  3. AYDA

    Stainless steel always looks stylish and luxurious. Even after having a good range of wristwatches, I ordered one from Rene Mouris and loved the quality. Its bold yet sleek design makes it my first preference to wear. Happy customer!


    I am crazy about sports and dress watch so, finding them in combination was not an easy deal. Explored a lot but couldn’t find high-quality in such a kind of watches. So, recently came across Rene Mouris’s Corona collection and it is absolutely fantastic. Received my order yesterday and I am so much satisfied!


    Got my watch delivered two days back. I must say Rene Mouris has brought something exceptional. The material is good in quality and seems like it is the next ruler in the watch industry. I will definitely buy again and recommend it!


    The watch quality is fine and price as well. Have been using Rolex for good long time but never knew Rene Mouris has got something accurate as per my choice. Thanks to brand for making me a permanent customer!


    My love for minimalist watches is never ending. Purchased an elegant L’Emporter timepiece from Rene Mouris and it is awesome. Strongly recommended!


    The new watch I have been gifted by my husband is just like a bracelet. Rene Mouris has designed Lola Collection in a way that has made my wrist look gorgeous. Thanks!


    My Dream I watch by Rene Mouris has made me live again. Perfect design, stylish looks, and the light tint in the dial has made it overall unique. Recommended!

  10. ALAYA

    I took so many days in thinking about what to present as gift to my husband this birthday. Having a wristwatch was in the list but it was way much expensive. My friend told me about Rene Mouris luxury watches and finally got one Mythique watch to gift. Perfect in quality and reasonable in price!

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